Slang for weed.
"I got the firewood if you got the fireplace."

"Hey you guys know where I can get some firewood around here, I got a few chimneys to smoke out."
by Altoecko July 11, 2008
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Uncommon slang word for Jews. Derived from the ovens used in the holocaust.
"Fucking firewood telling me what to do."
by Pniks September 30, 2005
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fun to watch, it's used as sarcasm so it really means that it's gayer then shit to look at or watch or if a fucker is being gay as shit.
Oh my god, those faggots are being firewood.
by okaynonene September 13, 2005
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Term used for the patheic pieces of wood with wheels used by 'plank wanks'.
i'm going to shove all that firewood on my bonfire.
by Tim August 7, 2003
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Stacking Ben Wa balls in your ass horizontal instead of vertical.
I can't believe how much firewooding Paul pulled off. I mean, how much money did he spend on Ben Wa balls? He has an incredibly gaping anus
by DickDickington September 8, 2017
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The act of cutting up a large piece of timber into firewood with a chainsaw or drop saw.
Firewooding the trunk only took one hour.
by sabtrader June 24, 2009
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A young, petite, scantily clad female, usually seen walking down the street by your work or your local walmart. known by he older generation as a "spinner". These women can be usually be seen wearing clothes that would equate to an adult male's shirt sleeve. The name refers to the fact that when you take them home to fuck them, you literally split them up the middle, like firewood, because they're so skinny there isn't any room inside for your dick.
dustin: hey tuck, did you hook up with that skinny bitch the other night?
tuck: yeah, I took her little ass home and split it like firewood!
by fleshhammer July 12, 2014
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