How females refer to having sex with a guy the night before when they don't really want to admit it.
Jen: What did you do with that guy last night?
Leslie: Oh, we just made out.
by zmbdog12 January 26, 2006
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Taking something and running.

Or simply leaving quick.
Yo, i stuck the chump and made out with his wallet.
by CnClear January 15, 2011
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A phrase used when speaking to someone who isn't listening to a word you're saying in order to get their attention.
Mallory: My cousin and I were christmas shopping the other day and....

*Caroline's not paying attention*

Mallory: And then we made out.

Caroline: WHAT?!
by mallymalmal December 13, 2009
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Instead of saying "cop!", you can ask this question and not seem obvious.

"What's a penny made out of?" Copper"

Used to signal the presence of a cop.
barthalamule: Hey Joe, what's a penny made out of?
joe: Copper
by SkiTheEast May 19, 2012
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a monster that attacks mexico but isn't godzilla because he's in japan that attacks pyramids made out of tacos because he hates mayan architecture
"that godzilla-like-monster-that-eats-pyramids-made-out-of-tacos is attacking that pyramid made out of tacos
by BobHopeLives May 01, 2009
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we fr put asians in concentration camps in the 40s now look at them they made it out da hood
by lesbian mother November 15, 2021
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