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In Spanish slang,an instance of sexual intercourse
Eché un kiki con una perica en el váter del bar
I had a fuck with a lass in the bar's toilet

¡Te apetece un kiki?
¿Would you like a fuck?
by fonsucu January 29, 2009

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In Spanish slang, sex appeal, particularly when referring to a shady type
Me dan morbo los macarras
I feel attracted to hoodlums

Vi a Eduardo Noriega en Tesis.¡Qué morbo tiene el tío!
I saw Eduardo Noriega in Tesis. How attractive he is!
by fonsucu February 01, 2009

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Spanish slang for cocaine, probably the most popular fuel of the Spanish society.
La coca que compramos estaba cortada, era una mierda
The cocaine we bought was adulterated, it was plain shit

A los que van de coca, no se les empina
Those who consume cocaine don´t get hard-ons
by fonsucu June 12, 2008

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In Spanish slang, to fill something , often in a sexual sense

Vamos a petar el estadio
We are going to fill up the stadium

¿Me vas a petar el culo, tío?
Will you fuck my ass, mate?
by fonsucu February 10, 2009

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In Spanish homosexual slang, an effeminate gay
No me gusta ir al Ohm, está lleno de mariconas
I don´t like going to Ohm , it´s full of nellies
by fonsucu June 12, 2008

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Cum, semen, liquid produced when ejaculating
"Te voy a echar un buen chorro de lefa" "I´m gonna throw you a good spout of cum"
"Manché los pantalones de lefa" "My trousers are dirty with cum"

by fonsucu June 09, 2008

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In Spanish, heroine addict, junkie
En la calle del Barco paran mogollón de yonkis
In Barco Street there's always loads of junkies
by fonsucu October 03, 2008

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