spanish for donkey but used alot as a insult
person 1-I want cheese!!!!
person 2-Shut up u stupid burro!!
by clairthy July 5, 2005
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Despite a conflicting entry, I lived as a kid in Tucson in the '50s & '60s. We never used the term "burrito," only "burro" for a flour tortilla wrapped around (1) refried pinto beans, cheese (usually longhorn cheddar), & sometimes red or green sauce (salsa), or (2) a thick, green chile or red chile - thick stews of cubed beef, New Mexico green or dried red chile , & gravy w/ cumin, coriander seed, garlic, & black pepper - never pork (Arizona & Sonora are cattle country), or (3) other fillings, i.e., machaca - shredded beef w/ onion, bell pepper and/or green chile strips. Never ever adding rice or beans to the latter fillings. Now up in the Valley since 1962, we can still judge a "genuine" Mexican restaurant by looking at the menu even before ordering. If the noun "burro" is listed and "beef" is the meat employed for green or red chile, it's the real thing. Unfortunately, too many restaurants marketed as "genuine" or "traditional" Arizona-Sonoran joints have caved in and offer only NM Pork Green Chile and the now ubiquitous Tex-Mex Fajitas. Maybe in CA, TX, CO, MN, & NY, "burrito" sounds cute. No one who knows our real, traditional Arizona-Sonora cuisine sneers at the correct use of "burro!"
Quiero un burro de chile verde, por favor. I'd like a green chile burro, please.
by KentonAZ May 4, 2017
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A person who's easy to fool, a sucker. Especially any woman who's easy to fuck, not because she's a slut but because she's soft-hearted and naive.
Bro 1: I'd hit it!
Bro 2: No problem, she's a burro, tell her your dog died.
by ray99 November 10, 2009
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Spanish for donkey but used in nothern Mexico as an allegory of women's genitals, may be because of some metaphore of mexican food "burritos"
Hey chica, I wanna eat your burro!
by Markito July 20, 2005
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The local Anglo term for "burrito" (the food) in Tucson, Arizona. Bean burros are the "vanilla" type (pronounced "BEEMburrows").
They laughed at me when I asked for a burro in Phoenix. Everyone there calls it a burrito. But they always speak Cali up there, so it don't matter much.
by davarinofuntucson August 14, 2010
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Tomé una viagra y me pusé super burro
I took viagra and I got a real boner

No me toques el culo, que me pongo burro
Don't touch my bum, or I'll get a hard-on
by fonsucu February 2, 2009
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A mix between a cow and a giraffe.
"What I had presumed to be a bizarrely mutated giraffe that was white with black spots actually turned out to be a burro."
by uffuuffu December 27, 2011
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