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An instance of sexual intercourse
¡Qué follada, tía, me la metió hasta las orejas!
¡What a fuck, girl, he screwed it up to my ears!
by fonsucu February 10, 2009
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In Spanish homosexual slang, a male who produces a lot of semen
Macho lefero busca mamón sumiso

Milky male looks for submissive sucker
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
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In Spanish slang, cocaine
Esnifé un par de rayas de perica en el váter y acabé echando la pota

I sniffed a couple of lines of cocaine in the bog and ended up puking.
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
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In Spanish slang, be astounded, originally due to the effects of LSD. These days, be bewildered by something.
Vais a flipar cuando veáis el carro que compré
You won't believe your eyes when you see my new car
by fonsucu October 05, 2008
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In Spanish, heroine addict, junkie
En la calle del Barco paran mogollón de yonkis
In Barco Street there's always loads of junkies
by fonsucu October 03, 2008
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Filipino spelling for Spanish "que se joda", "fuck him", well-deserved.
Aquino's son was shot in a mug-up in Tondo

Kesehoda,he's filthy rich
by fonsucu September 11, 2008
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Noisy, repetitive techy music popular in Spain, particularly in the megadiscos along the Mediterranian coast. Apparently best enjoyed with high doses of MDMA.
Paso de bakalao, tío, me pone la cabeza como un bombo
Couldn't care less about bakalao, mate, it gives me headache
by fonsucu January 17, 2009
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