the price of someones anyones life to a home gunsmith, most americans, statistically america has the loosest home gunsmithing laws.
dude don't take that twenty bucks, you know that's blood money it came from a philapines m1911
by Cody5050 November 23, 2020
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(phrase): expression used to show minor interest on the outside when in all reality there's a great deal of interest on the inside

2. or your just really fucking bored and nothing better to do and dont want to show it.
1. Jake: What you doing this weekeend?

Butters: I dont know yet...

Jake: Well I was thinking about buying a thirty box and seeing what down?

Butters: Ya I got twenty bucks...


Jake: Hey Broski, what's up?

Butters: Ah I'm just sitting here watch the Brewers lose again

Jake: Ya i turned that shit off a couple innings ago. You want to come over in a while and watch Coyote Ugly.

Butters: Ya I got twenty bucks...
by buttersandjake July 11, 2010
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When you’ve got that one family friend always Feining for the gear but always spends his money at the other dealers house.

Has a shit hit cause the gear he was sold is shit.

Then comes to you and has a sook saying he needs some good drugs….. you tell him you have the killer but how much cash does he have

He turns and says “twenty bucks”

Always wants the ticcy ticcy for the thicky thicky

Great person at heart and very loyal to friends and family. Loves to get real cooked and send everyone of his guy friend dick pics and loves a good tin foil hat.

Has always good intentions with all he does but can be so annoying thinking he is helping.

Get himself more fried then southern style deep fried chicken.

Always chasing fanny but rarely succeeding in the chase.

In pay day he always fixes up his tic. Some times he might be short “twenty bucks”
Hey bro I’m hanging for some more drugs but don’t have much coin, can you do me a point?

I only got “twenty bucks
by Sonicishectic November 9, 2022
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