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the price of someones anyones life to a home gunsmith, most americans, statistically america has the loosest home gunsmithing laws.
dude don't take that twenty bucks, you know that's blood money it came from a philapines m1911
by Cody5050 November 23, 2020
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(phrase): expression used to show minor interest on the outside when in all reality there's a great deal of interest on the inside

2. or your just really fucking bored and nothing better to do and dont want to show it.
1. Jake: What you doing this weekeend?

Butters: I dont know yet...

Jake: Well I was thinking about buying a thirty box and seeing what down?

Butters: Ya I got twenty bucks...


Jake: Hey Broski, what's up?

Butters: Ah I'm just sitting here watch the Brewers lose again

Jake: Ya i turned that shit off a couple innings ago. You want to come over in a while and watch Coyote Ugly.

Butters: Ya I got twenty bucks...
by buttersandjake July 11, 2010
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