lol imagine being ratioed 14 years later

what type of fucking definition is "when two foods fail to compliment each other"

nigga tf?
"Yo you heard bout that nigga who ratioed the 14 year old definition of don't go on urban dictionary?"
by better qwintuples December 5, 2020
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when two foods fail to compliment each other
Egg and Tomato - that don't go!
Shepherds Pie and chips - it just don't go!
by Gary Grass February 22, 2006
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Idiotic phrase that's recently gained mainstream appeal meant to express displeasure about the direction of a conversation. Originally used by poor urban black women and ghetto queens.
by Not a moron like you December 14, 2004
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Don't talk about that, you're just going to dig yourself a deeper hole.

More generally, don't do (whatever was last mentioned), you'll regret it if you do.
Butthead: "Hey, what about if we call those queers 'fags' like 'normal' people?"
School counselor: "Don't go there."
Meaning: if you even mention it to anybody but me, you're just going to make it obvious to everybody how stupid you are.

"I think we should TP the Police Chief's house"
"Don't go there."
You'll be in a world of hurt if you even park in front of it with a roll of TP in your hand.
by APDamien October 11, 2018
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when a girl doesn't want a guy to ejaculate inside of her.
guy: "I'm bout to."

girl: "Well, don't go in there!"

Girls don't want creampies! So, don't cum in them!
by dontgochasingwaterfalls September 14, 2014
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A term that generally means Don't go there but the girlfriend part is added on because this special term is used by women or sarcastic feminine men.

Notes: This term that doesn't have to be used towards a girlfriend. When saying, "Don't go there girlfriend" One must snap their fingers twice in a wavy zig-zag motion with your right hand from right to left and then right again in a smooth curve starting from the right side of your face and ending there. Your left hand must be at your hip and your facial expression must say, nuh uh.

This term was started by urban black women and ghetto queens and is often used with the phrase Oh no you di'int
Person1: I will kick your ass right here right now BITCH!

Person2: Don't go there girlfriend *snap snap*

Person1: *Kick in the ass*

Person2: Oh no you di'int!!

Person1: Oh yes I did! *Shoots with gun, twice*

Person2: Oh no you di--

Person1: *Shoots rest of clip*

Person2: *Bleeding sounds*
by Medicine April 20, 2007
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A snarky way of saying "stay on target". (Since Walmart and Target are the two big department store chains in the US, saying "don't go to Walmart" is meant to conjure up the familiar phrase "star on target". )
While Jasper works with Becky on their joint science project, constructing a psychodelic ant farm, Jasper says "Hey I think the new Taco Bell on 4th street gets the order right more than any place in town."
Becky responds by handing him the super-glue and says "Jasper, don't go to Walmart on me."
by valleylad December 12, 2014
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