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The opposite of contraception, i.e. an unwanted pregnancy caused by a dishonest partner.
1. Shit! Dick said he was clipped, but now I'm pregnant. What contra-deception!
2. That bitch Jane said she was on the pill, but now she's prego. Contra-deception at its worst!
by euphemismo February 28, 2019
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A religious fanatic who believes the world is about to end in armageddon.
Q. What's with that guy dragging the cross around?
A. He's an armadildo who says the world is ending this weekend.
by euphemismo October 29, 2011
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a cloudburst of bad judgment, usually by someone well-known.
The epic clownburst of 2009 had to be Tiger Woods' infidelity which looks like it will cost him his marriage and about $100 mil in yearly endorsements.

But there were other clownbursts of note in 2009, like Governor Mark Sanford hiking the Applachian Trail down in South America, and the Balloon Boy parents trying to gain fame by faking their son's disappearance.
by euphemismo January 4, 2010
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A lying pile of shit

The word is formed from the name William "Barr," infamous Attorney General who lied to Congress, and "stool," a medical term for shit.
Trump got his personal barr stool, when William Barr became Attorney General.
The Barr Stool in Chief said, "Mexico will pay for the wall."
by euphemismo May 3, 2019
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INSURANCE Revenue Service. Congress' new health insurance plan that will make you buy health insurance from the people you hate.
Bud: we got a new IRS with lots more government.

Buddy: WTF??

booty whoreprouncle samcongressmansenatorcorruptionlobbyist
by euphemismo December 22, 2009
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Avacation: av-ah-key-shuhn The non-job of famous, gifted people who get paid millions for performing their gift, e.g. world class athletes and actors.
If you have an avacation, no need to work.

My avocation is flipping burgers in Boston, but there are probably thousands of pro athletes who only have an avacation.
by euphemismo July 16, 2012
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A wrong click is when you accidentally right click the mouse, and you wind up opening a big program that takes several seconds to load. Wrong clicking is common when seniors use computers.
Aunt Ethel got pretty frustrated opening her email. She kept wrong clicking on her Map N Go icon and finally had to call her son, Bill Gates, to open the mail.
by euphemismo February 23, 2007
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