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a cloudburst of bad judgment, usually by someone well-known.
The epic clownburst of 2009 had to be Tiger Woods' infidelity which looks like it will cost him his marriage and about $100 mil in yearly endorsements.

But there were other clownbursts of note in 2009, like Governor Mark Sanford hiking the Applachian Trail down in South America, and the Balloon Boy parents trying to gain fame by faking their son's disappearance.
by euphemismo January 4, 2010
Just one person doing something that needs many people to help with.

OFG = one fucking guy
So our Congress sucks. I'm just one fucking guy, do you think I can do anything about it?

So Congress is being bribed left and right by corporations. Our democracy is disappearing, but I'm just one fucking guy. Do you think I can do anything about it?

I'm just OFG, that's not going to go far with the fucked up mess we have in Congress.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. It created the new IRS where you have to buy insurance from the companies you hate. I'm just one fucking guy and can't stop this insanity without help.

The Affordable Care Act is bullshit. Congress says don't raise taxes, just make everything privatized so the people pay more. I'm just one fucking guy and can't stop this insanity without help.
by euphemismo November 26, 2010
The opposite of Tebowing. An irreverent man standing around pretending to play with a female nipple while another man is Tebowing.
(At a Denver Broncos football game) What's that guy doing while Tim is on one knee praying?

He's teatbowing, pretending to play with his girlfriend's nipple.
by euphemismo November 20, 2011
BP Oil Gusher at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. An underwater oil well drilling disaster of unimagined proportions.
BP's hell-hole is creating the biggest fucking mess in the history of saltwater pollution. Birds, fish, beaches and mammals are getting drowned by the oil. Give BP the corporate death-sentence by a U.S. capture of all of its assets.

BP is an international energy company that likes to have off-shore oil rigs that drill hell-holes miles underwater where an oil leak can poison the entire Gulf of Mexico.
by euphemismo June 7, 2010
An unwanted pregnancy in which the victim itches for pregnancy termination. A combination of the words fetus and itch.
Jane was raped by her father and now has severe fetitch. She's going to planned parenthood this afternoon.

Links: rape incest abortionRoe v. Wade
by euphemismo November 29, 2015
somebody who really screwed up, based on a professional golfer who gets cut from the field after 36 holes
Joe just wrecked his car for the 3rd time this year. He's a missed cut.
by euphemismo August 19, 2006
Gal 1: "why did you do the FB post on that stupid shit about sweaty sex with animals?

Gal 2: "It's going viral."

Gal 1: "Sorry, you may get 3 likes at the most. It's going fungal."
by euphemismo October 21, 2012