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A religious fanatic who believes the world is about to end in armageddon.
Q. What's with that guy dragging the cross around?
A. He's an armadildo who says the world is ending this weekend.
by euphemismo October 29, 2011
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Blowing up your political career because of sexual misbehavior.
Politician Anthony Weiner just had a premature ejaculection. The crotch shot lies are turning him into a pariah with his fellow Congressional democrats.

He's right behind John Edwards whose ejaculection just got him indicted.
by euphemismo June 06, 2011
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The opposite of contraception, i.e. an unwanted pregnancy caused by a dishonest partner.
1. Shit! Dick said he was clipped, but now I'm pregnant. What contra-deception!
2. That bitch Jane said she was on the pill, but now she's prego. Contra-deception at its worst!
by euphemismo February 28, 2019
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An unwanted pregnancy in which the victim itches for pregnancy termination. A combination of the words fetus and itch.
Jane was raped by her father and now has severe fetitch. She's going to planned parenthood this afternoon.

Links: rape incest abortionRoe v. Wade
by euphemismo November 29, 2015
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a person who drives a fifth wheel travel trailer where the hitch sits in the middle of the bed of the truck
Joe is a fiver and loves it because it's half the price of a motor-home and saves on gas.
by euphemismo July 16, 2006
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a person who drives a fifth wheel travel trailer where the hitch is in the middle of the bed of the truck.
Hauling a fiver is a lot cheaper than driving a motor-home because you don't have a gas guzzler in your RV.
by euphemismo July 16, 2006
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Government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyists. Also known as the United States of America.
In the U.S. lobbyism flourishes at the expense of middle class Americans.

Lobbyism is different from capitalism because it is based on greed and bribery; while capitalism implies business conducted on a “level playing field.”

Lobbyism is our government gone corrupt.

Lobbyism brought the U.S. a financial meltdown, a huge recession and the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

We wanted health insurance reform, but lobbyism won; now we have a mandate to buy over-priced health insurance from profiteers.
by euphemismo June 28, 2010
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