noun, verb, Madoffed, Madoffing.

1. To scam and completely screw over someone financially, especially in cases where a Ponzi scheme is involved.

2. A person who scams and screws over other people financially often with the use of a Ponzi scheme.
Example 1 (verb):

Guy 1: "He told me it was a good investment so I put all my money into it. It turns out the guy was a crook running a Ponzi scheme. My whole life savings is gone."

Guy 2: "Man! He Madoffed you good!"

Example 2 (noun):

Guy 1: "A couple months ago I gave him a thousand bucks."

Guy 2: "Why? Are you retarded?"

Guy 1: "He said his grandma was in the hospital and he really needed the money. Plus he said he'd pay me back in a week. It's been three months now and he still hasn't paid me back."

Guy 2: "You should have known he was a Madoff. You know he spent all that money on crack the same day you gave it to him."
by Beavis Comeavis January 9, 2009
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An American Hero who should be appointed in place of Bernake for his patriotism and management talents.
Your brothers feats of heroism in Iraq are Madoff
by .....................123 September 2, 2009
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To screww thousands of people out of their hard earned money. To think that you are above the law by pocketing billions of dollars and not thinking you did anything wrong. To try and have your witch of a wife help you hide millions of dollars in jewelry.
Bernie Madoff took my money, promised me 15 percent in return but I got jack.
Yo I gave John a ten to get me coffee but I got nothing in return. I think he's got Madoffitis.
by Kevin Egan February 11, 2009
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Stay away from the madoff
by ericmtuf December 24, 2008
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(nicknamed Bernie Madoff): alongside Nicolas Fouquet, Conrad Black, Jacques Chirac and Michel Platini, IMHO one of the top 5 most corrupt individuals in the Western world (as of May 2013).
The United States knew what they were doing when they sentenced Bernard Madoff to 150 years in jail for his ponze scheme; IMHO the Charbonneau Commission should do the same with all Canadians convicted of fraud and tax evasion.
by Sexydimma May 26, 2013
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An ATM-like machine that takes in real money, and spits out fake currency with imaginary value, usually cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etc.)
Steve mistook a Madoff Machine thinking it was a regular bank ATM - now his cash is gone.
by AL Katraz September 26, 2021
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When you realize that all the money you had been socking away into investments, has already been spent by someone else. Also, that you would have been better off to have spent it all on really dumb stuff like a Corvette, motorcycles, boats, all sorts of big-boy toys; now all you have is basically, nothing.
I just retired and looked at my investments and had my Madoff moment.
by Guido1 February 22, 2009
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