Meaning "we're screwed" or "fucked up" in a extremely bad, terrible way
"Guess who won the election?"
"Omg who?"
"Donald Trump"
"Oh shit man, we're trumped up, we trumped up real bad"
by jujujuy November 9, 2016
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When one exaggerates the facts to support a weak argument; lying
Our leader uses trumped up allegations to convince others he has a valid point.
by Ronny James July 12, 2018
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A severe fuck up. Yuuge even.
Guy 1: Last night I got shitfaced, and when I woke up this morning, I was sleeping with my sister.
Guy 2: That's trumped up. Your brother's going to be so pissed.
by dontgrabmypussy January 31, 2017
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The feeling of excitement for a Donald Trump presidency. Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, Trumpism, Trumpster, Trumper, Trumpet, make America great again, winner, winning
After that rally for the Donald, I'm Trumped up, baby!
by joecoolthefool March 16, 2016
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A false accusation, especially against President Donald Trump.
Damn, those Democrats Trumped Up some more shit again. They are sore losers, nothing more.
by GLT75 May 17, 2017
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