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The greatest team in the NFL with a loyal, passionate fan base. Being a Broncos fan means you never stop showing your support, no matter how much suffering or losses the team puts you through.
The Denver Broncos may never make the playoffs again, but I'm still Denver 'till I die.

God is a Broncos fan, why else are sunsets orange and blue?
by Ihatemakingnamesbro..... October 12, 2010
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The best and most 1337 team in NFL football...also liked by me since i started watchiin football
My denver broncos are gonna beat the crap outta all u other crappy teams
by Broncosfan03 October 08, 2003
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the greatest team ever when John Elways was on so they had to get some pysco who flipped of KC
Ha the Broncos kicked the Packers ass!
by Chris January 22, 2005
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Established in 1960 in the old AFL, the Broncos started off their existance as a poor franchise. They did not gain their first playoff berth until 1977, a year in which they had a miraculous run to the Super Bowl, a game that they lost handily. Since that time, the Broncos have been a very competitive franchise. They followed up their first playoff berth with 2 more, and then turned the corner after drafting quarterback John Elway in 1983. In Elway's career, which lasted until 1998, the team achieved 10 playoff berths. In the 1980s, the Broncos were known for their dominance of the Browns and their poor performance in Super Bowls. In 1986, 1987, and 1989, they beat Cleveland for the AFC title, including a famous sequence of events known as The Drive during the first run. In all 3 of their '80s Super Bowl apperances, Denver was crushed by their opponents. In the 1990s, under coach Mike Shanahan, the Broncos developed a hard nosed team and in 1997, made it to the Super Bowl for a 5th time. This time, they were finally victorious, winning a close one in Super Bowl XXXII. They followed it up with another title in Super Bowl XXXIII, with Elway having a dominant performance. Currently, the Broncos have been solid, although unspectacular, with 3 straight playoff berths.
"And John Elway had finally pulled it off! The Denver Broncos have won the Super Bowl, briging a title home to the rabid fans in Denver."
by Sports Info July 05, 2006
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A very hated team with a great history and a constant threat in there division no matter who is running the ball they are a threat
Denver Broncos will win their division this year
by Rob Chaboyer May 18, 2005
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One of the best football teams ever!!!
They are the best along with...the....
*watching the Super Bowl*
Me: Aw...I wanted the Broncos to be in the Super Bowl. =(
Patriots Lover: NO.
Me: The Denver Broncos players shall kill you.
by tilatequilafan555 January 13, 2008
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This is the first ever definition of the denver bronco because i created it- it is a combination of the Roman Helmet and the bronsky; you put your balls on her face and your dick in her mouth and then you put your face in her pussy, shake your head back and forth and go BRDBRDBRDBRDBRDBRDRBDRDR!!!
Mickey gave Danny a Denver Bronco
by Fishman January 19, 2004
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