disrespectful, rude, insolent or inappropriate such as when discussing or addressing a person or matter socially regarded as entitled to respect, deference or serious treatment.
Deuce was being irreverent when he referred to his brother's date as being, "An attractive young thing if you overlooked her lack of teeth and tatooed forehead."

When he called his teacher "Commandant of the Algebra Gulag", he was being good naturedly irreverent.
by Captain Crappy November 23, 2009
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When someone decides to coin a math word or phrase, or to redefine an existing one, without fear of being censured, rebuked, punished, or fired.
Urban Dictionary remains the social platform of choice for mathematically irreverent writers, who just want to sexify or spice the most boring or disliked school subject for millions of students worldwide.
by MathPlus November 24, 2020
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When both mathophiles and mathophobes unashamedly or liberally poke fun at mathematics’s most famous or notorious constant π, by cracking jokes and puns, composing haikus and limericks, posing silly and serious pi-related quickies and trickies, and creating pi NFTs.
No mathematical constant other than pi has been under so much public scrutiny: pi irreverence has not only permeated popular culture, but is also potentially linked to extraterrestrial life in other planets or galaxies.
by Fasters June 6, 2023
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