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1) one who has achieved mastery of greatness and incapable of inferiority
2) basically the rawest nigga God could create
3) distinguishable by their perfected physique

4) manifestation of excellence
5) person of vital importance when entering the "danger zone"
6) embodiment of awesome
"That's impossible!"
"You're right, we're gonna need Wade."

"Who is that guy over there? He's very attractive; look at those biceps."
"I know, must be a Wade."

"Wade, you're awesome."
"I know."
by wgp1516 March 19, 2010
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A Wade can be many different things.
Above All, a Wade is a fuckstick.

Ex. "Wow, he was a useless fuckstick, wasn't he"
"Yeah, what a Wade"

A Wade is also someone who eats a variety & a lot of food in one sitting. Typically in a weird combination. They can include a tub of cheeseballs & hotwings, raw steak & lava cake, or 20some hotdogs with jalapeños.

Ex. "Don't pull a Wade while we're in Golden Corral today"

2. (Male) A small-town guy that gets a girl pregnant the first time he leaves his home-state, despite being a homosexual

Ex. "Now look, I know you're a sausage kinda guy, just don't pull a Wade at Disneyworld"

3. A cockologist, someone with extensive knowledge in cocks (phalluses)

Ex. "You smell like a sweaty cock"
A Wade: "Well, technically, cocks don't have sweat glands so..."
"How about I hit you in the face with one & then you can tell me if it's sweaty, Wade?"

4. A deviated prevert, tries to make everything sexual innuendo. This behavior will end, after (1) an intervention and (2) him (the Wade) getting laid, by a chick

Ex. *working on an engine*
"Can you grab that nut for me?"
"Left or right?"

5. A small guy, manlet, especially small for you

Ex. "You're a big guy!"
"For Wade"
Person 1: Hey man, can you give us a hand over here?
Person 2: Forget it, he's a Wade
by CIA Guy April 22, 2018
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Someone who is thought of as a superior. Someone with more experience and can guide you.

That upperclassman is my Wade who helped me through orientation.
by Clingy Liu February 23, 2009
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A wade has a huge dick. And knows how to work it. He is kind, funny, and loving. And is a master at sex but doesn't realize it!
Sue: What did you do last night?
Lisa: My boyfriend, Wade ;)
by babypie89 April 12, 2011
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