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udescription of any event, smell, taste, sight, feeling etc that is totally unnecessary.
Fat men in thongs - NO NEED!
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You don’t need a girl, and your not desperately in need of one. so basically your in noneed of a girl, because your life is good the way it is.
Bob: Man, i need a girl.
Jawid: I'm in noneed of one.
Bob: Why?
Jawid: Because im not desperate.
by munnattaaaa December 02, 2009
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casual "You're welcome." as in "There's no need to thank me. It was my pleasure."
"Thank you so much for dinner. The food was great."
"Hey, no need."
by Yordi E September 25, 2006
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This term is often used in notes in a database for sales calls, which have to be maintained within a certain time frame. By notating "No Needs," even when not calling the prospect or customer, the account can be secured by the sales representative for a determined period of time as provided by company policies.
We can't touch Bill's accounts because although he never calls them, he notes "no needs," in them every 90 days, and we cannot prove that he actually didn't call them. He sometimes just enters NN, because too lazy to type the full words.
by delmartatiana October 23, 2008
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