according to one stereotype, the thing you will absolutely do for your lifetime if you don't study hard enough
Son: *chilling in room*
Mom: hey you what the fuck are you doing, better go study something so you won't be flipping burgers
Son: *sigh*
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To flip someone's burgers is to touch or grab the nipples (see burgers) of another person.
He's been flipping burgers with every girl at the party.

Lia was flipping Nick's burgers.
by Cabarette April 30, 2008
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An act of "beating the meat" by standing up, with the palm holding the dick from the side (as opposed to from the bottom), not unlike the handle of a spatula, and at the time of climax, jerking said meat skywards, thus causing the "burger" to flip.
Dude: So how was your lonely night in then bro?

Bro: Dude, I got some mickey d's and some back door sluts 9. Man, I was flipping burgers all night SON!!
by live jam August 4, 2008
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To get annoyed at a burger because something has gone wrong with it.
Me: Damn my flipping burger has spilt relish!
You: Too bad.
by Little Derek November 11, 2006
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To use instead of using wtf in a sentence.
What the flipping burgers is going on around here,I leave for five minutes and now this.
by Little SlovAK November 18, 2017
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flippin burgers is a state of agression,when some person becomes inraged or is very angery and acts out with alot of foul language..
"Man joe was about to lay that guy out man,you should have seen him.He was flippin / flipping burgers man"
by mario cheeseman July 17, 2008
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