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The logic that allows girls who are saving their virginity for marriage to instead have premarital anal intercourse.
Typically the boyfriends of such girls will convince them that, if they take it in the ass and don't pop the cherry, they're still pure and virginal.
Guy 1: "I'm bummed because this hot chick I dated is saving herself for marriage."
Guy 2: "Just explain the poophole loophole to her and you'll score for sure."

Chick: "Thank goodness for the poophole loophole. Now I can honestly tell God and my parents that I am a virgin."
by creaternity March 23, 2006

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A truly lovely state, by certain standards, where the unofficial motto is...
"Alabama: At Least We're Not Mississippi!"
It's true: Alabama is not Mississippi.
by creaternity April 19, 2006

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"Watching the submarine races" is a euphamism for making out (and more) in a car. It's the kind of thing a cop would say to be funny when he knocks on the fogged-up window of your chevy parked in back of the safeway to ask what you're doing there at 1am, as if he doesn't know damn well.
Cop: Hey, what're you kids doing in there? Watching the submarine races?
People in car: Gak! Where are my pants?
by creaternity April 13, 2006

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somebody who hovers around free sample counters in food stores and/or takes more than one free sample
Person 1: Look at that sample slut blocking the bakery counter
Person 2: Yeah, she thinks "Try One" means try one, then try another one, and another one....
by creaternity July 04, 2006

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a business trip, often to an exotic destination, in which you do more relaxing/fun stuff than work
During my boondoggle in Honolulu, the company put me up in a mighty nice resort hotel. I came home with a great tan.
by creaternity May 28, 2006

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Everyone's favorite donut -- um, I mean, coffee shop. It first opened in Quincy MA (that's pronounced "Kwinzee") and has now propagated all over the world even to Thailand, where the largest Dunkies ever supposedly seats about 130 people.

This is the only place where a "regular" coffee means with cream and sugar. Also it's the only place to buy some "munchkins", small balls of donut "hole" that you can eat in one bite. (Yes, it's amazing something that sounds this gross was such a big hit.)

This fabulous establishment is loved by everyone: Cops, college students, CEOs, punks, soccer moms, sistas, ABCs, WASPs, your momma, and whoever else walks in the door.
The Dunkin Donuts on my street had a line out the door this morning, so I went to the one two blocks down instead.
by creaternity April 20, 2006

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Possibly the most EXCITING place in alabama.
First of all there is a hill there. Second of all, there are giant rockets on it that you can see from miles away. Also there are a zillion chain resturants and many mighty fine office parks. There is even (dun, dun, DUNNN!) an art museum in downtown. And, just wait until Christmastime when 12-ft tall lighted figurines pepper the residential neighborhoods with their awesome, albeit unnerving, glow of holiday cheer. Yee hohoho!!!!
Huntsville is like New Jersey, except in the South. So, basically, the radio stations are worse and the roads are better.
by creaternity April 19, 2006

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