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The HUGE display screen typically found at sporting events. It shows game/player stats, scores, replays, advertisements, etc to the crowd.
Jumbotron is actually a Sony trademark name, but the word is used to refer generically to any gigantastic LED screens like it.
At a basketball court, the jumbotron might be about 11 feet wide, but in a football stadium, it'll probably be more like 33 feet.
by creaternity June 01, 2006
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A police technique in which a handful of people fitting a similar description are stood in a line together for a witness of a crime to see. The witness is then supposed to pick out the perp.
They had to let the suspect walk after the witness couldn't pick him out of a lineup.
by creaternity May 03, 2006
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the parking lot, or section of parking lot, that is farthest away from the driver's place of employment or other (for example: shopping) destination
the loser lot is where you park when all the good, aka close, spots have been taken

Employee: The worst part about being late for work was parking in the loser lot. I had to walk, like, a mile from my car to get to the building.

Shopper: Damn, this mall is crowded; No wonder we had to park in the loser lot!
by creaternity May 16, 2006
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an unarmed security guard

I mean, what the hell is this guy gonna do against a heat packing thief?
Lady: Aahhh! That guy just took my purse!
Guard: He sure did!
Lady: Well, do something, dammit!
Guard: What do you want me to do? Run up and slap him so he can knife me to death? I'm just a paid witness!
Lady: Argh!
by creaternity May 03, 2006
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New form of group exercise in which a dozen or more people (usually women) sit on indoor stationary bikes together and pedal to the sound of music and the directions of an instructor.
Girl 1: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?
Boy 1: Um, I think I'll just go outside and ride my bike, but thanks anyway.

Girl 2: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?
Boy 2: Hmm, am I in the mood do some real exercise and lift weights or stare at 20 spandexed girl butts for an hour? Hard decision.....
by creaternity April 18, 2006
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What soybeans become once they are fermented with vinegar and fungus. This supposedly edible concoction smells vaguely like ammonia and tastes mostly like ass. Some people refer to it as a meat substitute, but don't believe them.

Die-hard Vegetarian: Hey, man, want some of my tempeh?
Other person: Nah. Maybe if I were starving to death.
Die-hard Vegetarian: Dang. I don't want my tempeh either....
by creaternity April 11, 2006
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A substitute for the word "use" to be employed when you want to make something sound more important or difficult than it really is.
Person says: "We utilize an alphabetical schematic to organize our records."
Translate: "We file documents alphabetically."
by creaternity March 21, 2006
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