fehng-shwee (my pronunciation)

The Chinese-originated belief that the environment gives energy that you can use to your own being. Not just a belief; it actually is real.

There is actually a whole LOT to feng shui, but you should look it up on your own. Lemme give you some examples:
Take for example, a mansion. Let's say you have a mansion and it is very-well decorated. Your feng shui would be great because you feel at great leisure because of the cleanliness & well-designed room of your own.
An example of negative feng shui would be if you live in a house that is not apt to your tastes, and is possibly filled with trash, or perhaps even an enormous pig-sty. This negative feng shui will possibly foster laziness, and even psychological results such as negative emotions, doubt, etc.

Feng shui deals not only with your personal shelter, but also the environment in general.

Most unfortunately, feng shui has been perverted into a drug-related symbol thanks to the hippies, along with the yin-yang (which basically represents good & evil in us all). In otherwords, when you speak of feng shui to the general public, you're probably going to be prejudged as a nut-job. Sad really.
Hippies need to realize completely what yin-yang and feng shui mean. THEY ARE NOT DRUG SYMBOLS. They are philosophical symbols that originated from ancient China, and these symbols have deep backgrounds that is worth researching.
"My house is a pig-sty so my feng shui is horrible. But sometimes, you make do. If you want better feng shui if you're in a pig-sty house, go outside and go for a walk. Just make sure you don't get too addicted to the freedom out there, or else you'll never want to go back to your pig-sty home. That's how I am."
by Dave June 29, 2004
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The ancient chinese art of rearranging things to channel energy and give aesthetic pleasure, namely your money into the pocket of a practitioner
"Ahh this house have bad energy, feng shui not good, money in wrong place, should be in my wallet"

"ahh much better!"
by JCJ February 17, 2008
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Used as a verb, "feng shui" means making a bad situation into a good situation by acting right. It could also refer to being cool, discreet, collected, and nonchalant. It can be similar to "Lope."
"So, was the party you went to awkward? You didn't know anyone there."
"Nah, I feng shuied it."

"Cops are here. Feng shui it."
by alphabet gumdrop August 21, 2008
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one of the first schools of interior design, teaching basic rules for combining materials so that there's no clash.

both the practical art and the sensibility of placing things in any given space, so that one just feels good.

is it the directional energy that the ancients were fearing when placing their bed, or just the draft?
feng shui specialist: you can't put that there, the Qi is attacking your bed!
Doug: i understand.
by wokeup2this July 9, 2022
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the deliberate malicious rearranging of furniture to create a tripping hazzard for unsuspecting victims.
I went into the living room to put back the phone without flipping the light switch and became a victim of feng shui when I faceplanted onto the recently relocated aerobics trampoline.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 1, 2010
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Used as a verb to describe the movement of an object or idea from one place to another, ostensibly to improve it, or its surroundings in some way.
I wasn't able to sleep until I feng shuied the couch onto its end.

Hey, feng shui me another beer, will 'ya?
by divine.deletia January 12, 2006
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the energy and lifeflow given off by the way things are positioned in certain enviroments , in other words a load of supersticious chinese shite!
"Okay very funny Lazlow, it's easy to make fun of me but it's all
the fault of the feng-shui in here, it's damn right disgraceful!"
by Brian March 6, 2003
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