Full of power. Lots of features.
The TCL language is very powerful
by Jdawg140 March 24, 2008
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Euphemism for "retarded". Often found in media such as Buzzfeed headlines and Twitter posts.
"16 Powerful Moments From This Week"

"I made a cop nervous today #powerful"
by Archibald Toadstool November 30, 2020
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when someone can make other people do whatever they say- in person that is.

When someone has a lot more money, power, looks or friends than you do.
She's more powerful than you are and you hate her for it.
by 484839 May 4, 2010
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adj. add this as an adjective to make any phrase sound like you are an incredibly redneck. also, the word "bud" should be added at the end of the sentence.
We gonna get powerful drunk bud.

That guy in the whitehouse is powerful stupid bud.
by Rob Harris March 18, 2003
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an adjective for emphasising the word "very". Originated from the Simpsons, "Tall Tale Episode"
Those Dilanger bullets are powerful weak.
by Chandler November 30, 2002
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Entity, individual, or aggregate of individuals which has total dominance over a designated entity.
The powers that be have control over Tom Cruise's mind.
by G. Coleman October 23, 2006
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While the 'Will to Live' is simply life's instinct of self-preservation, 'Will to Power' is the idea that living creatures do not simply want to survive, but seek power to grow, spread, expand strength, and become dominant.
World is the will to power -- and nothing besides!
by Niques August 7, 2006
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