A beautiful metropolis located in center of the Hawaiian Islands. Located on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu is the Capitol of Hawaii. Tall skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, tourism, and much more. One of the best cities in the USA!
Honolulu is one of the best cities ever in the U.S.
by Woobie May 31, 2005
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a synonym for urban paradise; the greatest city
honolulu is the greatest city in the U.S.A.
by mike o October 22, 2003
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A mixed drink containing 1 shot of Bacardi white rum, 1 shot of triple sec, and two shots of pineapple juice, shaken, and served over ice in a highball glass. Garnished with a cherry. Possible variant uses only one shot of pineapple juice and adds a shot of orange juice.
Oh man, I had a couple Honolulu Hookers last night and now my wallet is missing!
by eddie_287 May 21, 2009
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The act of a nun swimming underneath someone at the beach and subsequently giving them a handjob, to the immense surprise and delight of the recipient. Although the act is not well known, it is surprisingly commonplace. In fact, the Honolulu Handshake, along with its common variant, the "Pope Grope", is the third most commonly practiced beach activity enjoyed by nuns, preceded only by Guatemalan knife fights and building sand convents. In a 2005 poll, over 78% percent of nuns worldwide confessed to having given a Honolulu Handshake at least once in their nunhood, while the other 22% responded "Honolulu Hand-what?" while smiling and winking mischievously. The Honolulu Handshake has alternatively been referred to as the "Sister Tickle", the "Penguin Peekaboo", the "Miami Heresy", and, somewhat less creatively, the "Surprise Nun Weiner Yank".
Schoolboy 1: "Yeah last weekend we went to the beach during a nun wakeboarding contest."

Schoolboy 2: "Sounds fun. What happened?"

Schoolboy 1: "Well we were swimming and then all I saw was snorkels and veils and, next thing you know, I was up to my Pokemon cards in Honolulu Handshakes!"

Schoolboy 2: "Sick! Who knew nuns were so kinky?"

Schoolboy 1: "You'd better believe it. Let's just say communion wafers weren't the only thing those nuns were gobbling up on Sunday."


Q: Whats black and white and red all over?
A: A Honolulu Handshake after a Guatemalan knife fight
by Dane Beaver October 23, 2007
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When you go to Hawaii and you jerk off with shower products and you burn the skin on your dick off.
Don't use the shampoo in the shower to jerk off, it just gave me bad Honolulu Sunburn!
by Forphucsake November 11, 2016
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The act of pouring an excessive amount of tabasco on a girl's vaginal flaps and then proceeding to go down town leicester brown on that spicy fucker.
Guy1: AH mate I did the honolulu hotlips on my girl last night!
Guy2: Oh shit, how was?
Guy1: Mate it was too much, got that hot sauce all up in my eyes. Thought that flamin' cunt was gonna blind me.
by lukebenwalkerdillon November 24, 2015
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