A common title used by conspiracy theory websites that use information that is probably flawed, biased and out of the norm to cast something in a negative light.
If you see a website saying "the truth about" to describe something, it is likely just some conspiracy theorist who is trying to cast something otherwise positive or neutral in a negative light. Of course not all sites saying "the truth about" are like that, but more often than not they are.
by udusers1 September 10, 2014
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Japan and America/Britain are an opposing positive field, meaning that both cultures are fascinated with each other, such as Beckham in Tokyo, or Nintendo. Japan is just like any other place, so i dont feel that i should think of the people any differently, or that they're better or worse.

They're just like you and me.
By the way, using chopsticks is such a pain. i dont know how asian toddlers can do it but i can't!
by Biafra J October 7, 2004
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