Using corporate funds to visit a client that you really don't need to see. The real reason for visiting the client is to explore the area, visit a friend, try the food scene, or some other personal reason not associated with work. Your boss is unaware of your true motive and believes you are actually conducting work.
Salesperson 1: "Jim is going to Hawaii to visit his client next week."
Salesperson 2: "Bullshit. Jim's client there is tiny. That's just a boondoggle so he can surf all week. I bet he only goes to the office once."
by FQ_GFY February 11, 2020
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a business trip, often to an exotic destination, in which you do more relaxing/fun stuff than work
During my boondoggle in Honolulu, the company put me up in a mighty nice resort hotel. I came home with a great tan.
by creaternity May 28, 2006
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On our boondoggle in Laughlin Mr. Laughlin took us to his ranch and Patrick prepared a hot pocket for him.
by Bpcjamin February 22, 2015
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A sex position where two individuals are sat down, with one on top of the other meditating, while being penetrated in the ass.
Come back to my place so we can boondoggle ;)
by poopoomanboy January 15, 2022
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An extravagant masturbatory extravaganza proving you are a complete jack ass.
Boy, after that boondoggle, I just pict up and movied.
by KR November 1, 2004
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To recieve oral and manual sex simultaneously, when a woman uses her hand(s) whilst blowing a man.
"I just got boondoggled behind that post office"
"damn, Jordan boondoggled the shit out of me last night"
by websters son August 6, 2008
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