to go on a trip for business reasons

slang: to make a trip to the bathroom
Guy: Dude, I drank so much. I'll be right back. Taking a short business trip.

Guy: Joe got so scared he wet his pants!
Girl: Yeah, guess he tried to take a business trip but his flight got cancelled, if ya know what I mean.
by Vertigo January 12, 2004
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A euphemism for using the bathroom, often employed when one wants his/her friends to think he/she was doing something important. Like an inside joke with yourself.
Person 1# 'dude, where'd you go'
Person2# 'important business trip'
Person 1# 'Hey! where were you?'
Person 2# 'long intense business trip
by awkwardfart June 10, 2011
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Doing rails of blow while tripping on acid. Mixing LSD and cocaine.
"I heard John lost it at the party on saturday".
"Yeah, dude was business tripping. Shit got ugly".
by misssteak June 2, 2014
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It is when you are going to a fuck buddy's house to have sex aka "business"
Girl: So I'm going to take a business trip
Friends: You mean to your fuck buddy's room?
Girl: Whatever!!
by ThatNigga2013 November 25, 2013
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Consuming both Cocaine and Magic Mushrooms at the same time.
I had a really productive day at the music festival, I was business tripping.
Cocaine mushrooms partyingdrugshallucinations
by fritz131 June 6, 2014
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A phrase commonly used by men, saying they are leaving for business, when really they are going to cheat on their wife.
Going on a business trip could refer to getting Hookers in Las Vegas
by gffmember August 14, 2010
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Often abbreviated as "FBT" its a trip, typically a long-weekend golf/beach trip that men take as a means of avoiding their wives/girlfriends and getting into some good old fashioned trouble.
1) 1: "Dude, my girlfriend's been nagging me for weeks now, I can't take it any more..."

2: "Sounds like its time for us to take a fake business trip"

2) "Hey Steve, we're tryna FBT this in?"
by TakinCareOfBusiness January 19, 2012
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