a theory about the nature of reality
i can't find my shoes because they went for a stroll
by nathanael June 19, 2004
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1. Individual with Down's Syndrome.
2. Slang for someone who enjoys hearing themself talk, but doesn't have anything to say.
3. A pervert.
Aww, that poor little child born with Down's Syndrome...a Concept for life.

Don't look at my little girl like that, you dirty concept!
by johndoe September 22, 2004
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A male rapper with his own studio.
Like to write songs about Beer and killing people , although he is usually seen drinking Bawls and getting killed at vocal duels against vanessa.

In his natural habitat he can be spotted with the allusive Ro-z Rox and the wild Sk1llz.

Note: When these individuals arrange in a trio formation all onlookers should be cautious for they are known to dance in their ritualistic "jump style" fashion as well as insist that other drink Bawls and hit Punching Bags at their demand.

It has also been observed that they respond favorably to Calabria a song that one can only assume is spoken in their native tongue.
The name is Concept not Conflict.

Concept makes writes and produces the music for Vivid Resistance while Roz-Rox and SK1LLZ provide emotional support and the occassional slap on the back.
by phorty40 March 28, 2008
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The conceptation is when your trying to get a point across
look dude i get what your saying but your not getting my conceptation.
by Land Hedrick March 6, 2018
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an act of inception (planting an idea in ones mind) performed through an indirect mindfuck.
While dreaming if sounds from other people having sex (through a wall or in another room) infiltrate and start controlling your dream, an act of conception has been performed on you.
by birdo00 February 17, 2011
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A violent process that happens when a daddy cell violently slams his head inside a mommy cell and the mommy cell consumes the daddy cell's head and leaves the rest of the daddy cell's body to rot.
Some believe that life begins at conception. I believe life ends there.
by Unbridled Scissors September 30, 2004
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