A man or woman that you hire to drive one of your personal vehicles (usually a sport/luxury one) because you will not, cannot, or need not drive yourself . This is different from a limousine driver.
My grandfather got Parkinson's and we insisted that he no longer drives; he hired a driver. -my dear g-pa

The CEO is greatful for his driver. He can use the extra time to cram for the meeting he has in midtown. -a major corporation

3) I got pulled over doing 185,
I lost my license, now I don't drive. -some old ass rock song
by P.L.U.R. kind friend September 23, 2017
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A driver is a software program with the purpose of connecting hardware to a software interface. You will know drivers from messages such as: "Installing driver for device X", "Update your drivers to a newer version", and the worst of all "No suitable driver found."
Tech N00B: Why can't I use my new soundcard.
Tech G0D: Have you installed the drivers?
Tech N00B: Why would I need drivers?
Tech G0D: Talk to the hand
by Qavin May 13, 2018
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Goes left, goes right, goes straight ahead. That's it.
I am driver, I go left, I go right, I go straight ahead. That's it.
by NyaR May 27, 2008
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When a teenage male pulls a girl a good few years younger than themself.
Chris is goin out with a year 9, hes doing a driver!
by Matty19991 December 12, 2007
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A twat who thinks they own the road

Someone with a small penis
A danger to society
Stinks up the air with fumes and attitude
Someone who deserves to be punched at ever opportunity
Hello I am a driver and I am a twat
by foffnow October 28, 2017
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This simply means to become a driver (as Jacob puts it) :P
Drivering and Passengering are on the same key.

-Props to Jacob for the new word XD-
by Posty August 1, 2005
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People who are willing to endanger, hurt and/or kill someone else on the road, along with damaging the other party's vehicle, as long as they don't have to wait that extra ten seconds.
Like other drivers, I want to get to my destination, too. Unlike other drivers, I'm not willing to kill a family of four on the way.
by Black Kat August 7, 2006
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