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When you take one of George world-famous dildos which is made out of hand carved soap bars and attach it to the center portions of a passed out drunk kid. May be followed by a healthy teabagging.
"George carve me up a dildo, I've got a feeling Peto is gunna be passed out at this party tonight."
by andyfellovernet June 25, 2003
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The victim of a go-kart accident...definetly not a pirate. He is a sailor.
"Sounds like a pirate."
by andyfellovernet July 14, 2003
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1) a painful alternative to waxing or shaving.
2) fat people who cannot afford/fit in to regular store-bought thongs go the route of the duct tape thong
3) what Kasia wears
4) what paul doesnt want to be strangled by
"I think she put some purple fabric around her duct tape thong to make it look real."
"Look at that fatty bowl in her duct tape thong, ewwwww!!!1"
by andyfellovernet June 15, 2003
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Tony Tomato's group of misfit friends. His girlfriend, Elise, the douche pad. As well as his best buddy, Car, the cock.
"Those crazy pasta pals are always helping tony out when he gets those damned chubrock things. It really is too bad that the novelty of attaching a dildo to a food service mascot isn't present when the mascots are already sexual in nature. I mean come on, she is a douche pad and he is a cock."
by andyfellovernet June 17, 2003
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a hockey playing, man-hating, bad teaching, mung loving, bull-dyke who makes children cry in their sleep on the entire western hemisphere; also: krack whore
"Dude, I saw krakauer last night..."
"I'm sorry, here is a razorblade, let it go."
by andyfellovernet April 8, 2003
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See above definition; also newly divorced bull-dyke. Her bitch finally grew a pair and told the man-hater to eat shit.
"Hey, I realized you are a hockey playing guy and I am married to a man, I will never speak to you again, please don't kick my ass"
by andyfellovernet May 24, 2003
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a species of animal with an ass for a face. Normally talks out of the cornhole. see also: really ugly dogs
"Paul, your dog is a fuckin' bandaloon."
by andyfellovernet June 19, 2003
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