1) Go to a graveyard with four of your buddies
2) Dig up Fresh corpse (female) and have a gang bang.
3) Afterwards, one of them puts there mouth over the vagina.
4) Someone jumps on the stomach, shooting all the cum and maggots and such into the person's mouth. They swallow it.
"I sure did love munging the Thompson's Daughter last week."
by DrunkMage January 23, 2005
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1) Go to a graveyard, with a friend, and find the freshest female grave
2) Have you friend, or yourself, take ten to twelve full paces away from the undug body, and, with a running jump, stomp onto the bloated body
3) Inhale/partake in the consumption of her bodily fluids via vagina
4) Repeat
homes, check check it. Me and Joe just went over to the cemetary and munged the bejesus out of margaret's dead grandma
by B DUB April 30, 2004
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to suck the fetid juices out of a corpse, sort of the necrophiliac version of felching. sometimes performed with the addition of one's own ejaculate.
'after ejaculating within the rectum of the rotting corpse, the gentleman began to gently press down the fellow's bloated abdomen, munging the aromatic fluids as they issued forth.
by albert fellowes III December 3, 2003
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What Blaise Swiss does all day long, non-stop, with Austin Heming.
"Blaise, it's my turn of munging, fuck off, I wanna fuck your mom too!", says Austin Heming.
by Nathan Karaulov January 24, 2017
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\Mung\·ing, n. Hind. m?ng. (Bot.)

1. When a mother bird eats the green gram (Phaseolus Mungo), and regurgitates them to her babies, to feed them.

2. Something kids made up to make everybody go "ewww!" and tell their friends at parties.
1. And here, you can see the mother bird "munging", as to provide supplements to her babies, who are simply too young to feed themselves.

2. I'll be munging your mother, and mungling her too.
by Camera J November 17, 2005
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Munging v. Eating

Munging adj. Hungry, or wanting food
I'm munging for a steak.

I'm munging on a steak.
by Dr. Roberto Le Camembert February 24, 2009
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The active form of the verb munge, meaning to fail or otherwise fall victim to accident resulting in bodily injury. Rarely used to describe damage to property.
Billy munged the landing of his jump because he forgot to pull up on the handlebars at the end of the ramp.

Stop you fucks! You're munging the car door towing that shopping cart!
by Joe Tucker August 8, 2005
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