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partying, enjoying the music, dancing.
UK slang
When I get on the mic, I get ya lively.
by li-vuh-lee May 23, 2003
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A slang word to replace awesome, cool, neat, fun and all the variants of those words. Its origins are nonspecific, though it's popularity started to rise due to its use by Aja in the Netflix Original 3Below: Tales of Arcadia.
"Hey, that scene in Generic Action Movie was lively."
"We are going to Universal Studios, it's going to be lively."
by Mrs Shay Venus January 26, 2019
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the maiden name of the post-modern heretic lesbian with marital ties to the devil and Adolf themselves. Truly a low point in American civilization. see also: dirty trick used to lure unsuspecting students into the devil's layer.
"I got a note from ms. Lively. I guess I'll go...It's sicola, hide my eyes holy crap my dick fell off of my body.
by andyfellovernet April 07, 2003
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