1. a phrase used to suggest that something is unbelievable or shocking.
1. Frank Barone shouted "holy crap" when Marie thought Robbie was homosexual.
by MiStErMaN802 March 18, 2006
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The more socially acceptable form of "holy shit," often used by shows such as Family Guy to slip past the FCC.
Prison Inmate: Holy crap! That sure was an excellent anal adventure, wouldn't you say so, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter: Holy crap, that hurt.
by Bubba December 12, 2004
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A once-common exclaimation popularized by Strong Bad, the EMail answerer of homestarrunner.com
"People knockig on heaven's door-HOLY CRAAAAAAAP!"

"I have come back from the dead to take-wha-Holy Craaap......"

"Holy Crap! Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"
by Zak April 29, 2003
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crap from the catholic pulp
man NO.1 Holy crap!
man NO.2 what was the pulp here again?
by a sexiest beast January 10, 2011
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wife: "honey, where are you going, mass is about to start"

husband: "go on without me, i drank to much coffee this morning, i got to take a holy crap"
by the wopfather May 12, 2008
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HOLY CRAP is that a chicken?????!!!!!!!

Holy crap that person needs some milk!
by X Drogon March 20, 2017
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