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1. a phrase used to suggest that something is unbelievable or shocking.
1. Frank Barone shouted "holy crap" when Marie thought Robbie was homosexual.
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
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The more socially acceptable form of "holy shit," often used by shows such as Family Guy to slip past the FCC.
Prison Inmate: Holy crap! That sure was an excellent anal adventure, wouldn't you say so, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter: Holy crap, that hurt.
by Bubba December 12, 2004
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Expressing a mixture of extreme emotions such as fear, surprise or happiness.
Gina: How was your work out today?

Brad: Holy Crap, it was impossible. Holy Crap, I can barely walk. My quads are killing me...Holy Crap!

Gina: What is your work out like tomorrow?

Brad: Holy Crap, I don't know...I'm afraid to look. Holy Crap!

Gina: You look buff

Brad: Holy Crap, I'm getting stronger and more fit. Holy Crap, I can notice a difference already. Holy Crap!
by May 08, 2013
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A once-common exclaimation popularized by Strong Bad, the EMail answerer of
"People knockig on heaven's door-HOLY CRAAAAAAAP!"

"I have come back from the dead to take-wha-Holy Craaap......"

"Holy Crap! Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"
by Zak April 28, 2003
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Human or animal excrement that has been sanctified by some higher being, whether it be God, Allah, Buddha, Oprah, or some other divine power of the universe, usually as a means to spite a non-believer through an obvious metaphor for crap-slinging.
I will probably get hit with some holycrap for defining holycrap.
by [The Fonz] October 20, 2008
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An exclamation of extreme surprise, or fear.
by MenkehMan! June 19, 2003
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