1. What happens when you eat at McDonald's too often.

2. Guy in a black cloak wielding a big scythe. See grim reaper.
Death came, and it was drunk.
by Blargh July 11, 2004
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A spiritual stopover on your journey to the other side of eternity to determine whether you are eligible to join the Abrahams, Josephs, and Pauls, or to be with the Hitlers, Maos, and Osamas.
Death is such a great leveller that at their last heartbeat, the chances that the Erdogans, Kims, and Putins won't be journeying to the same eternal destiny are pretty infinitesimal.
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by MathPlus March 23, 2017
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Death is The End of life.

Think of life like a movie and death is when the power surges and blows out the TV. Death is when the film gets so damaged that even if you were to get the electricity back on, the movie will never play again. Alive is only the memory, gone is the spark that made the movie play…or the person alive.

Life is too short and death is too long. You don’t have all the time in the world, so go out and enjoy life as much as you can. Life is like a beautiful flower…flowers fade; people you love either leave you or die. No matter who or what you love it will not last forever, it will come to an end, as all good things do. Death is your final wake up call. Wake up and live before he knocks on your door.
People take life for granted because they don't really believe in death.
by OneBadAsp October 17, 2006
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