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Kristina is the meaning of swag. She has so much swag that people beg her to share her swag wisdom. Kristina is beautiful, smart and always welcoming new people into her life. Kristina can be really weird, but is super funny. She is known to make everyone have a great day always. Don't doubt Kristina, there is more than meets the eye. a Tina has a beautiful smile enchanting eyes and a great figure with a killer butt. If their is ever a hip-hop/swag contest and a Kristina is there, place your bet on her ;)
"Dude! She must be a Kristina.
She's got hella swag!!"
by Mrs.Alamiatheswaggie August 17, 2012
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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The person you're going to envy!
True Friend,Intellegent,Hilarious,Amazing,Prettyful,Best Drawer,Friendly,Thoughtful,Loving,COnfident,Positive,Superb Dancer,Loyal,Lively,Random,Pleasant,Adorable,Responsible,Victorious,Brave... and list goes on and on and on and on...

If you have a Kristina, Keep a hold of that woman!
Mark: There's a Kristina who likes me "/
Kyle: DUUDE!! You have to ask her out!
Mark: O.O
by elyk.essined.awesome March 06, 2012
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The most beautiful and sweet person you could ever ask for she has a amazing smile and even better eyes she needs to kill Peter
Guy:man Kristina is so beautiful
Peter:she might kill me
by brag. October 19, 2013
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A Kristina is a short beautiful brunette with long hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. Insecure though, not satisfied with her body even though it is pretty amazing and doubts her beauty but doesn't make it obvious. many people that don't know her don't like her and she doesn't seem to understand that's because they are jealous. she has a beautiful smile and awesome personality. She is shy at first but once you get to know her she is just a awesome person and an all around good time she's also a weirdo but hilarious, and usually European. she is often misunderstood and many people think that she is a slut but she's not she's just like any single girl having fun but not too much. Most people get along with her but if she feels that you are fake or doesn't get along with you she wont even try to befriend you. she has a tiny waste a pretty big rack and a nice ass; an hourglass figure . Just overall an amazing, weird, complicated, gorgeous girl
"she was really weird, but hilarious "
"yep, she's a Kristina."

"Why can't she see how beautiful she really is ? She perfect !"

'dude she has to be a Kristina."
by herlove April 05, 2013
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she is an amazing, brown hair blue eyed, beautiful creature. she is artistic, intelligent, calm, gentle, caring, just generally amazing! There is more to her than that the meets the eye, she can be a little shy at first, but really, with her friends, she is loud and boisterous! long legged, tanned beautiful, sexy, amazingg creauture
did you see that girl?
WOW! shes so hot she must be a Kristina!
by annonomous99 December 10, 2011
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kristina is a name given to someone who is gorgeous.she is a curious bright woman with goals and expressions that make you laugh beyond control. she is someone when your down and feeling rather shitty she can brighten even the darkest of days. this name is only given to those who only think of others and rarely of themselves. those who believe that happiness is to be deserved not just given. those who think beyond the usual. who crave for more. someone who is extreamly sexual and kinky as hell. theyre the godess of our wet dreams and the wifey we all wish we could have. kristinas are the shit. theres no arguement there.
dude 1: "man why is it every girl i meet named kristina a freak in the bed?"
guy 2: "dude its cuz all kristinas are freaks,theyre the best when it comes to women."
dude 1: "well fuck. i wanna marry this girl!"

--true story. :
by oodlay_pudding November 21, 2010
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