Kristina is the meaning of swag. She has so much swag that people beg her to share her swag wisdom. Kristina is beautiful, smart and always welcoming new people into her life. Kristina can be really weird, but is super funny. She is known to make everyone have a great day always. Don't doubt Kristina, there is more than meets the eye. a Tina has a beautiful smile enchanting eyes and a great figure with a killer butt. If their is ever a hip-hop/swag contest and a Kristina is there, place your bet on her ;)
"Dude! She must be a Kristina.
She's got hella swag!!"
by Mrs.Alamiatheswaggie August 18, 2012
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Kristina’s are the sweetest, most gorgeous, and outgoing girls there are. They are always willing to help out, and your parents will always love them! They set really high goals, and always go after them. They aren’t afraid to take changes, and risk a little to have the best night if their lives. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and usually not too tall. They have the most gorgeous body, even though they may not always think so. They keep their best friends close, but they still have tons of other friends. The guys love them, but she says true to who she loves. If you have a Kristina in your life, don’t let her go.
Kristina is outgoing and stays true to who she is.
by Rylan Haster December 12, 2018
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Kristina is a beautiful, caring, open minded, funny human being. She is always there for you and no matter what, she never let's you down. Kristina is the kind of girl who usually keeps to herself, but once you get to know her, the crazy and wild side comes out. She has a face that she shows to nobody but herself. However, she is always welcoming to share her deep thoughts with somebody she cares about and trusts. Nobody will never fully understand her, and everybody second guesses her and doubts her abilities. Has a sixth sense, and always can predict the future. Quick witted and a very intelligent person. She always becomes stressed and antimidated under anxiety, but always seems to get over it in no time. She will give up anything and nurtures others. Kristina is a very special person that you should keep close in your heart, because when you loose her, regret will fill over you and you'll immediately want her back.
Nick: holy shit man did you see that new girl today in the hall? she looked sooo sexy!

Jason: hell yeah man, she must be a kristina.
by iluasoNFYIHOGAE April 20, 2017
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Beautiful as fuck but never answers you on Snapchat because she’s a badass bitch that doesn’t give a fuck
by Kkelligirl October 1, 2019
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The person you're going to envy!
True Friend,Intellegent,Hilarious,Amazing,Prettyful,Best Drawer,Friendly,Thoughtful,Loving,COnfident,Positive,Superb Dancer,Loyal,Lively,Random,Pleasant,Adorable,Responsible,Victorious,Brave... and list goes on and on and on and on...

If you have a Kristina, Keep a hold of that woman!
Mark: There's a Kristina who likes me "/
Kyle: DUUDE!! You have to ask her out!
Mark: O.O
by elyk.essined.awesome March 6, 2012
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The sweetest , most kind hearted , all loving person you’ll ever meet! They’ll help you with all your problems, tell you your rights from your wrongs, and support you and your every goal. When you are sad they’ll find ways to cheer you up and make your day better , when you are bored their uplifting personality will change the mood. Overall Kristina’s are wonderful people to date and befriend !
Omg you’re friends with Kristina! Wow she is such an amazing person !
by 906yekim May 13, 2019
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A Kristina is a short beautiful brunette with long hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. Insecure though, not satisfied with her body even though it is pretty amazing and doubts her beauty but doesn't make it obvious. many people that don't know her don't like her and she doesn't seem to understand that's because they are jealous. she has a beautiful smile and awesome personality. She is shy at first but once you get to know her she is just a awesome person and an all around good time she's also a weirdo but hilarious, and usually European. she is often misunderstood and many people think that she is a slut but she's not she's just like any single girl having fun but not too much. Most people get along with her but if she feels that you are fake or doesn't get along with you she wont even try to befriend you. she has a tiny waste a pretty big rack and a nice ass; an hourglass figure . Just overall an amazing, weird, complicated, gorgeous girl
"she was really weird, but hilarious "
"yep, she's a Kristina."

"Why can't she see how beautiful she really is ? She perfect !"

'dude she has to be a Kristina."
by herlove April 6, 2013
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