The quality of being new, original, or unusual.
Don't touch those cheveron cars, they are novelty and worth more than you
by G36Cuser July 22, 2014
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something that is different/weird for the sake of being different/weird, not usually having any practical use outside of decoration
A cigarette lighter that shoots out water is a novelty. It has no real purpose in the world except for a small gag.
by JohnWikck September 3, 2019
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A large, gargantuan piece of shit that refuses to be flushed down the hole.
dad! the shit wont go down!
son that what i like to call a novelty, that is the second one ive seen this week.......
by joe desilets June 22, 2009
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1. In Relation to musical tales,tapes series,albums and or any writing by Extrovert™️
He gave a speech in which he qouted novelties from Eminem’s song.
by vertWritings, November 11, 2022
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a rap or hip-hop song that is about an inanimate object, a dance move, or is to the tune of a children's song. In other words, it is too silly to be considered real rap or hip-hop.
ex.Lip Gloss, Grillz, Chain Hang Low, Chicken Noodle Soup.

Did you hear that new song by Lil' Mama, it's so stupid? It could be considered novelty rap.
by Kris keo June 22, 2007
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A unique account only used when the username goes along with the response.Usually only used once.(Originated on Reddit)
username: potatoshmotato
That's what she said.
username: Novelty-Account
Hey,use a novelty account.
username: Thats-what-she-said
Already on it.
by waterdude125 January 29, 2011
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An individual who goes beyond normal means to be portrayed as a nerd for the social acceptance/"cool factor" while having no actual "nerd" characteristics. Said person will dress like a nerd (faux glasses, 80's apparel, etc...) and throw out the occasional Star Wars or Star Trek reference, but has probably only seen one move/episode.
I asked Joe to fix my laptop, but it turns out he's just a novelty nerd and doesn't really know anything about computers.
by 0x87 June 3, 2010
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