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1) Something really small and quite pathetic
2) Used to enlongate an insult
A: Your garden is well crummy
B: Shut it ya crummy bastard!
by alex_crewe November 07, 2006
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(Cdn) a crew vehicle (usually a truck) for transporting forestry workers to their place of work
At 6 am each morning the treeplanters drove their crummy from camp to the cutblock.
by dwightcharles January 31, 2011
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A term most commonly used to describe crumbs of skunk (or cannabis) given in exchange for a cup of tea.
This can also be abbreiviated to "T's for C's", which can easily be communicated through hand gestures for time efficiency or when you've had to many crummies.
Where are my crummies?
Did you sit on my crummies?
How about those crummies?
T's 4 C's?
by Kim, Josh and Bex September 14, 2007
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when something ain't that great; also a teen girl squad group saying as well as death word.
"Kristina looks burnt or dead."
"wOOt!...I mean Crummy!"
by andyfellovernet April 08, 2003
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Any debrie that collects on the bottem of your feet when walking bare foot on a floor.
Before getting into my bed in the hotel, I had to wipe off all the crummies that collected on the bottem of my feet while walking around bare foot.
by Kelsi Guidry June 06, 2006
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a universal racial slurr. can also extend to other stereotypes such as gender, age, etc.
Look at that Crummy cutting that grass, I bet he has 10 kids...whatta Crummy
by JoGo Inc. 2 October 20, 2009
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