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Kasia is a polish name that translates to Catherine in English. Someone named Kasia is normally beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and someone everyone wants to be around or be friends with. Someone named Kasia normally has a nice body too (big boobies and a nice ass) anyone would be blessed to have a Kasia in their life.
by wipemyass December 28, 2016
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A sweet down to earth girl who makes people feel warm inside. She has a great smile and wins all the guys over. Most people envy her.
Maxx~Oh shit did you see Kasia today?
Sam~Hell yeah, she looks gorgeous!


Sarah~Did you see Kasia?
Lisa~Yeah i hate her! She always looks good
by caringandloving November 18, 2010
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female's name of Polish origin. Shortened version of 'Katarzyna'.
Kasia loves to travel.
by DjMoneeq February 08, 2004
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A girl who loves to shop and explore, Kasia is the best girl you could ever know. She can be a sweet young girl, or a rebel. She is the cutest girl on earth
Jake- Kasia is the prettiest girl in the world
Jeremy- I know right
by Almighty Kasia March 05, 2018
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a polish lasse who is wise beyond her years and has large boobs
by Wes March 31, 2005
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Najpiêkniejsza i najfajniejsza dziewczyna pod s³oñcem. Most beautiful & cute girl on the world.
Kombatant love Kasia, Kasia love Kombatant , Kombatant and Kasia love themselves
by Antonio666 May 05, 2005
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