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Defining something as what eddo would do, say, or think.
1. "Wanna fight?"
" Yeah bring it on!"
"Go join the army!"
"Now that is soo eddo-ish".

2. You're walking down the street and see someone head banging to Metallica and Megadeth. Now that is eddo-ish.
by Amy April 25, 2005

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to make out intensely
I gave my husband some suck face when I got home from work.
by Amy August 10, 2004

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a hot guy; sex-a-licious; porche driving babe.
Wow, did you see that foxy mspiegle fly by us? I want to tap it!
by Amy May 19, 2004

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Awesome; cool.
also used as bomb diggity as an adjective
"Dude! You have a Bomb diggity Shirt!"
or "Dude! Your Shirt is bomb diggity yo!"
"Sparky the snowman in Bomb diggity yo!"
"Sparky is the Bomb Diggity snowman!"
by Amy December 11, 2003

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Nasty stuff from under the balls
(Person 1)Would you like some fromunda cheese!
(Person 2)Huh?
(Person 2) YOU'RE SICK!!!
by amy November 01, 2003

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When you have sex with no arms/hands and no legs, using handcuffs or ties to tie them up.
Last night Zac Miller did it nugget style with Cameron Reeder.
by Amy February 05, 2005

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Noun: Girl who drinks too much, has a gambling problem, and listens to old music. She's easily recognized wearing her pajama's to school, and next to nothing when going out to see males.
That Frizzi drank all my watermelon vodka.
by Amy November 17, 2004

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