why are you looking up "shirt?"
You wear a fucking shirt.
by lzlnh May 22, 2012
A teener of cocaine in Colorado. Short for t-shirt.
I want a shirt, get it? As in a t-shirt? Cause we're paranoid druggies and we can't say teener over the phone or in a text.
by Paul Rael May 10, 2016
Companies use shirts to create walking advertisements out of people! Your only options to avoid this are to wear blank shirts (not recommended) or none at all.
by ihavenoshirton101 June 17, 2004
"shit" without the "r"

commonly typoed as "shit" when writing about an essay on shirts. Rresults in a bad grade.
by Dim September 25, 2003
A garment or article of clothing used to cover the upper body, which a hole cut to incorporate the arms and neck.
Shit, you got a shirt from unionventure.com? Those assholes have funny shit!
by Pimpsta April 14, 2004
a piece of clothing worn over breasts or chests
you wear a shirt over a bra
by someone November 24, 2003
Slang term in the U.S. Air Force in reference to the First Sergeant, also known ad the First Shirt or simply, "The Shirt." Normally a unit commander delegates a lot of authority and responsibility to the Shirt. As such, most duty, health, morale, and disciplinary issues involving enlisted personnel are handled directly by the Shirt.
Airman Smith, you're scheduled to meet with the Shirt at 1400 on Wednesday.
by Dan August 24, 2008