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Basically means ' got em '. A slang made popular by Welven Da Great, a complete retard whom out of the blue became an ' internet sensation 'beacuse of a viral video of himself playing a prank and using the word after he did so.
'' These Nuts.... HAAA gotti !...ha gotti !...hahaha
by Stanleyton May 23, 2015
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Usually refers to a male who wishes he belongs to the Italian mob-scene, but in actuality is not fooling anyone with his tanning booth tan and his fake armani shirts.
Often times, these folk are nothing more then white trash.
Check out my new sunglasses and AK-47, they are so gotti.
by Sammm June 11, 2006
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last name of a series of bosses in the Gambino crime family. All are idiots and fucked themselves by running thier mouths and showing off. John Gotti's mouth made Sammy The Bull turn rat. Pete Gotti, John's brother, was an idiot and got no respect. John Gotti Jr. is now on trial and will probably loose.
The Gotti's are all fucking idiots and deserve to die in prison for thier stupidity alone
by alec81484 March 13, 2005
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taking the insides of a cigar out and filling it with weed
We Filled The Cigar With Weed Turning It Into A Gotti Otherwise Known As A Godfather
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
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An acceptionally large blunt, also known as godfather, god body, G.
"yo me and syco rolled a crazy gotti tuesday!"
by Boston December 25, 2004
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are fake niggas think there hot gottis with orange tans and blowout haircuts that think there the shit and can get any girl they want. They get their ass kicked easily, they get anything they want due to there rich parents they mostly wearing tight clothes to show off what they dont have and spend more time in the mirror then my sister does. They there to act like hotshit wearing those headbands and sunglasses at night
yo gotti , you have any gel left i could use my dad didnt buy me any yet
by nikka69 May 06, 2007
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(typically an adjective)

when one is excessively vain; to dress or act affluently, anyone or anything that flaunts one's financial status; to have an extravagant taste.

Synonym: ostentatious, flamboyant, flashy, showy, over the top, glitzy, arrogant.
How gotti can you be?

I would never wear anything so gotti.
by boomboom212 April 29, 2010
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