used in sarcastic manner to comment on a personality trait or to insult someone who is bragging about
Bob: i have lots of black friends so i can use the word n*gger
Danny: your oh so open minded

Bob: hitler wrote the second half of the bible
danny: your oh so educated
by meatwaygon December 13, 2010
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An interjection commonly used to give an adjective a sarcastic and/or mocking tone. Usually used to disguise an insult as a compliment.
playing VRChat
guy 1: *loli avatar*
guy 2: "oh yeah, i just love your avatar. it is oh so cute."
by sanchopancho02 March 21, 2021
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Used to describe anything so convenient at the current time that it defeats the purpose of trying to figure out why it just happened to be there.
As the burglar neared ever closer, Amy grabbed the oh-so-convenient letter opener that for some reason was taped against the wall she was backed up on. Then, she stabbed wildly at him, and he fell to the floor.
With a grin stretching across her face, she drags the body to the well in her backyard (wtf?!) and pushes him in. It was then that we realize that that was no burgler —— that was another of her victims.
by Nuclear Tank Factory March 10, 2009
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a phrase describing how an object is extremely attractive and desirable
Omg Jessica. That jacket is oh so secks! I really want to buy it now!
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What a white guy calls the rims on his truck,Right after a car wash and the chrome is polished.
Stanislaw put down the chrome polish ,stood back and eyeballed his wheels and he said " Oh So Fine ".
by the tit November 16, 2006
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1 (as submodifier) to such a great, great, great extent

• extremely; very much (used for emphasis)

2 referring back to something previously mentioned

• that is the case
1 • That car was really fast. It was oh so fast that I could barely see it... triple oh so fast.
1 • She looked oh so pretty... triple oh so.

2 • You going to the concert?" "Triple oh so."
by 00Mamba June 27, 2011
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