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Showtime series about a group of gay, bisexual and straight women in Los Angeles.
by amy August 25, 2004
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A beautiful woman who is an extremely talented actress. She has worked on numerous T.V. Shows like "Who's The Boss", "Melrose Place" and of course, "Charmed". She also has starred in many movies.
Not only is she amazing at her acting work, but she also is a representative of a charity called UNICEF. She helps people in need in third world countries...which is utterly outstanding.
Many people miss judge Alyssa Milano, she's a truly amazing and generous woman who is an Idol to many people all over the world.
Me: Charmed is my favourite T.V show! I love Alyssa Milano

Person: Nah i don't like her!!!

Me: Well i don't like you!
by amy May 21, 2006
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tooti is a word best decribed to a male or female willing to show genital region!
oh my god rohan is a tooti
she just showed me her genital region
by amy February 5, 2005
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people who live in trailers AND are trashy...alcohol...wife beaters....
"Dude, dont date Becky, she's trailer-trash!"
by amy December 16, 2004
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