179 definitions by amy

Able to function after a long night of partying.
I have to be functionable at 6 am!
by Amy December 19, 2003
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term for anyone who, on purpose, chooses to live in the Poconos, and over time experiences a "pocono mind dump", thereby losing all mental function and common sense.
Watchout for route 209 on a sunday, it is crawlin with Poconuts.
by amy April 04, 2003
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Wicked but not quite wicked enough. The Diet Coke of wicked.
Brad is my wikk cool friend!
by Amy March 30, 2005
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messing, joking, or fucking aroung with someone or something.
Amanda loves to jack with me.
by Amy August 10, 2004
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Used as a conclusion to a arguement, discussion, or debate. Variation of 'there'.
I was right. So nir.
by Amy February 01, 2004
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Obi-Wan (Star Wars) + Tannapaws (dogs name) = Oubipaws
How was the name Oubipaws created?
by Amy April 11, 2005
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the most awesome girl ever... fluent in the franglais that we all know and love... sandWICHE?? just add that little E at the end and kabam. haha you've got french! je t'aimerais!
shauntae voudrais un sandwiche? mais oui, les sandwiches sont tres bons!
by Amy December 16, 2004
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