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1.) A Claire is the most beautiful and sweetest girl in the known universe. She has a wonderful laugh that makes people want to listen to all the time. She has a smile that inspires joy. A Claire also has a really enjoyable personality. She is so funny and smart that you don't want to stop talking to her. She is also extremely talented at most everything she does, especially music. A Claire will be the sweetest, most remarkable person you will ever meet in your lifetime.

2.) A Claire is a person who is exceptionally good at Foosball. Her skill can be compared to no living being that has ever laid eyes on a Foosball table. She is also extremely competitive at her craft. Even to the point of asserting physical dominance over a person who she accuses of cheating. If a Claire ever gets to a point where she almost loses a game, she will call upon her ancient phoenix powers to make a comeback.
1.) Man 1 "Wow she is so beautiful. What a Claire! I really want to ask her on a date but there is no way on this planet am I ever in her league, or that she will ever find any interest in me. *sigh* I wish I could be a man and at least tell her how I feel......"

2.) Man 1 "Hey dude, how much do you want to bet that I can destroy that girl at Foosball?"

Man 2 "Don't do it bro! Don't you know she is a Claire? She would win without even trying!"

Man 1 "She is a Claire? Oh man thanks for telling me that, she would have shown me up big time!"
by Car Of Secrecy May 22, 2016
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An extremely intelligent person with an amazingly awkward sense of humor. They love to be complimented. They know that they are talented and smart, but they don't like to admit it. They are usually introverts but are very loud, social, and obnoxious with people they know very well. They usually watch a lot of tv and read a lot of books and often make obscure references bases off of these things. They have a lot of inside jokes. They usually have many friends but it's hard for them to find a "best friend" for very long. When they get a crush on a guy, it will last for a very long time before they eventually give it up.
Person 1: Do you know what she's talking about?
Person 2: Knowing it's Claire, it's probably a reference to a show or something.
by Pear09 May 31, 2018
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One who is intelligent and independent. She learns from many mistakes. She is one who doesn't ever want to be fake. She has lots of friends. Guys do tend to like her a lot but they get turned down because she finds no interest in them. Claire is always distracted in her life but she doesn't know by what. She needs her space to breathe and live. She yearns for a lot of freedom. Claire is also gorgeous. She might not believe it but she truly is. She really has a lot of talents. She is truly beautiful inside and outside.
by Ohpossum December 28, 2010
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Claire is a type of person who knows what she wants out of life. she is confident, honest and beautiful! She'll always be there when you need her and would never turn you away in your time of need. She is intelligent because she makes an effort with everything she does in her life. She reaches her goals and is ambitious. She is an amazing friend an incredible sister and one of the most beautiful people i've ever met. You'll never meet anyone better.
Person 1: "I've made such a mess of things"

Person 2: "Call Claire she'll know what to do"
by Stidders123 September 08, 2010
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one who is unique, short, funny, and really clumsy. a unique independent person who knows how to have a great time, extremely funny and outgoing. she has lots of friends and is always there for them.
"She is such a Claire, i love her!"
by amazingggnessssslyyou December 22, 2008
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an extremely hot beautiful girl who is loved by many. she has boys falling over her and is wanted by both girls and boys. she has very few flaws except that she is too perfect. many girls are jealous.
Man - "i wish i was with a claire."


Man - "um, ok?"
by aaron1234567891011121314151617 October 20, 2008
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