Short for customer. The kids at the festival, (on your block, in your town), you REALLY make your money off of. The type of person a drug dealer makes his money off of.
Not now man! I'm looking for a custy.
by omen8 productions December 25, 2006
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this is one of those Phishkid parkinglot terms to label all the preps that come to shows because 'word on the street is hippies have all the crazy good drugs' but they are not really feelin the music.
"Man, I didn't know all the custy kids were down with Rusted Root these days, it must be because there is no more phishlot."
by Phrani March 29, 2005
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(adj.) Dirty, possibly skanky, almost hobo-like. Characterized by poor personal hygiene or sexual laxness. A custy person will often stoop to any act of debasement in exchange for money, food, drugs, or other superficial rewards.

(n.) A person who is custy (see above).
"She didn't even know the guy and she gave him a rimjob? That's custy."

"Did you see that custy? She offered to suck me for half a gram of shitty weed!"

"Ew, don't touch me, you custy freak."
by Duckburner May 22, 2005
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without a daily supply of custys the wookie would surely starve to death
by sudoniim March 3, 2010
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A preppy kid who gets ripped off when buying weed because they don't know their count.
I just sold a gram to this custy for 15 bucks! HAHAHA!
by eSentrik February 4, 2004
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i just sold that dumb fuckn custy a bag and made him give me 5 fedies for gas....
by estaro February 3, 2004
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Someone that has no clue about the costs of weed and is very easy to rip off.
"I just ripped that fuckin custy off so bad", "That kid is such a cust"
by Mikel February 9, 2004
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