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1. Padded undergarments used to minimise discomfort and embarrassment of sufferers from weak bladders.

2. May also be used during intense moments of laughter.

3. A call-out term after hearing a funny joke.
Depends! Depends! (That was funny. Please bring me my Depends before I wet myself).
by Amy August 22, 2004
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A substitute for underwear that people can pee or poop in without using the bathroom
Kiersten : I don't know why Chad is making us wear Depends at work why can't we just use the bathroom?
Kaylee : Well it's probally because some people around here are misusing there bathroom time!
Kiersten : Are you accusing me of having sex in the bathroom!
Kaylee : I didn't want to mention any names but yes it's your fault!
Kiersten : Fuck You! Your just mad cause you don't ever get no dick in your pussy!
Kaylee : I get plenty of dick but thanks to this damn Depends ive got a horrible rash in my pussy!
Steve : Hey guys check it out Ive got on A double Depends I'm good to go all weekend! Ahhhhhh! Oh Yeah!
Kiersten : Oh God! Did you just shit your pants?
Steve : Yeah I just love the feel of fresh warm poop on my ass! Ahhhhh!
Kaylee : Gross he did it again!
Kiersten : I think I'm gonna puke!
Steve : Here have one of my Depends then I can eat it for lunch!
Kaylee : Oh God I think I just shit myself!
Steve : Well it's a good thing you got your Depends on!
Chad : Hey guy's look's like we got some production today glad to see the Depends program is working out! Pew what's that horrible smell?
Kiersten : Oh Kaylee and Steve shit themselves! Ahhhh! and me!
Chad : O God Damn! I think i'll be in my office the rest of the day!
by SlopNChop October 29, 2017
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Diapers for the elderly who have lost control of their bladder due to old age. (Can also be used figuratively to make fun of someone with a small bladder or someone who frequently wets their pants/bed.)
"My grandma told me to get her something useful for her birthday, so I got her an economy size package of Depends. She was thrilled."

"My algebra teacher is a bitch and wouldn't let me go to the bathroom more than once during class. I think I pissed my pants!"
"Girl, you gotta get yourself some Depends!"
by anonymous January 09, 2005
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We went to the store the other day and saw some fatties buyin Depends!
by 0celloman9 July 26, 2008
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A specialised type of pad used by elderly women in case of bladder leakage.
An example of one of the commercials :

Dolores: Fack Edna, I'm pissing like a racehorse!

Edna: Well grab yourself some Depends, bitch! We gotta go get all up in that at the club!

Dolores: Fo real!
by Joel April 13, 2005
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