Showtime series about a group of gay, bisexual and straight women in Los Angeles.
by Amy August 25, 2004
1.the reason why i subscribe to showtime other than Queer as Folk.
2.Katherine Moening (Shane...yeah)
bette: why is it so important for you to believe that everyone is sleeping with everyone else?
alice: because they are.
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
A show about a group of gay, straight and bisexual women in LA
I like The L Word, its a good show
by Biddy July 5, 2005
a show where it cancels out all the heteronormative standards set in normal television, showtime legends really snapped on this.
lesbian 1: omg do u watch the l word too ?!
lesbian 2: yass shane is my fav!
lesbian 1: omg yass twinsies that's on period luv!
ex 2
dad: what does the l stand for?
lesbian: uhhhh idk love
by shaneslover June 9, 2019
1. Another reason(other then Queer as Folk) for homosexauls and bisexuals to watch Showtime.

2. An excuse to stare at Katherine Moening.

3. A good show that sometimes can get pornographic and has a few to many main characters (like 9).

4. A show that is often confused to be about straight women and love becuase of it's title other then lesbian and bisexual women.
"Everyone shows that Shane is the hottest one on The L Word."
by Lieske June 26, 2005
the L word is simply Love.

It is called 'the L word' instead of love for saying love is quite a commitment.
Jordan used the L word and I don't think I want to date him anymore
by Orange Hat June 28, 2005
L Word is the modern day TV show that depicts everyday lives of urban lesbians. It shows the hardships that they endure through relationships, and how similar their lives are to straight people's lives. It is the Lesbian version of Queer as Folk!
Lets get together to watch the "L-Word" at my house, say 8ish?!
by Abood August 13, 2005