1. Meaning nasty, sexy, filthy. Popularized by Christina Aguilera.

2. Used usally as a close friend in hip-hop slang.
1. Wanna get dirrty
It's about time that I came to start the party Sweat drippin' over my body
Dancin' gettin' just a little naughty

2. Sup Dirrty? Haven't seen you in a while.
by Minty November 30, 2003
Naughty; dirty in a sexual way.
That hoochie mama danced dirrty up on my man!!
by Krystal April 13, 2003
A word used to describe someone who is constantly horny and eager for sexual intercourse.
Tara Lee!

eg. Tara is a dirrty girl.
by Ben March 18, 2005
A term straight outta the Lou, like myself, is usually referred to as someone such as your "homie", "boy", etc. Someone you are friends with and chill with.
Get listen to any of Nelly's songs
by Killa January 30, 2004
dirrty is the mid-west version of homie from the west, son from the east and patna from the south
by kickak March 9, 2005
1) To be nasty and/or sluty

2) Used in southern hip hop as a close personal friend.
1) Danm, I'm a gonna get some from that dirrty girl!

2) Wat up, dirrty?
by rebecca March 29, 2003