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Simple Plan is one of the best bands out there. They are my favourite band and i listen to their CD's Everyday. I don't get it why people have to always diss someone elses favourite band. You don't see me dissing your favourite band so why do you diss mine?
by amanda March 23, 2005
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when you make somebody feel like shit and they totally fuck you over.
"Dude! That was shitty! You totally satched me!"
by amanda March 8, 2004
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n.- a word for a woman/girl who is a bitch, whore, skank, and slut put all together.
That scaff Jennifer slept with seven guys and wears butt shorts and low cut tube tops.
by amanda August 9, 2003
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The line/indentaion that goes form the top of a guys pelvic bone, and down to his peepee!
Ohhh damn look at his peepee line!!
by amanda September 9, 2004
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a horribly loud and smelly fart made by a midget
Oh! damnit it wee man why the fuck did you galfolamule?
by amanda June 21, 2003
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