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Mahnurt! Is a word that is used as an exclamation...often if you feel like saying something random to make people look at you like you're crazy. You have to say it really loundly and often a weird body motion accompanies it nicely. Mahnurt!!
Me: MAHNURT! (throws hands up)
Snotty girl: Riiiighhhhttt (walks away to tell her friends)
by amanda May 7, 2005
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The only town in New Jersey to which Anna Kournikova, the Williams sisters, and other pro tennis players have played.

Bring back the tennis classic
Monica Seles won the tennis classic in Mahwah. Where? Mahwah, you know as in: "Rome, Paris, Wimbledon, Mahwah"
by amanda April 12, 2005
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We were making cake at the movies.
by amanda December 2, 2003
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what lilttle kids call you when they can't pronounce amanda.
My neice says "Manda pick me up."
by amanda January 3, 2005
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The overused nickname for anyone cursed with the name Amanda. Contrary to popular belief, it is far from clever.
"All my Amandas are Amanda Pandas."
by amanda April 3, 2005
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Sandwich made by Mander (See definition of Mander in the glossary). A sandwhich that is made by the white crust left on you sheets after sex.
After having sex the previous night, John made a manderwich with the mander he woke up in the next morning
by amanda April 18, 2005
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Marilyn Manson is a super hott guy too...
*drool* i'd do him he's so hott.. o_O
by amanda April 7, 2005
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