Stupid, as in 80% of the world's population.
Our daft ways will eventually lead to our self destruction.
by Girl October 31, 2003
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an expression or state of mind that is ditzy, blank or just plain empty.
That went right over my head. I must be daft.
by amanda February 15, 2005
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crazy, stupid, insane, nuts, moronic, asinine
"Dude! Like, I'm gonna jump off that bridge!"
"You're daft."
by SnottyIrishman August 2, 2005
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A state of mind in which a person is blank, slow, or just plain stupid.
Person 1: What was the maths homework?
by dolgi_black November 6, 2017
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Inane. A person whose strongly held ideas and beliefs go against common sense.
Stan is so daft, he saw an ad in the paper for a parachute-"Only used once, never opened, small stain."-that he wondered out aloud if it opens on impact.
by fuckles November 1, 2005
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These days primarily charvanese used in conjunction with the word cunt.
Generally not a insulting term.
Its true English meaning is 'silly'
'Ya daft cunt'
by Josquius April 14, 2004
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