When you do something to someone that leads them on to think otherwise.
*girl runs hand up guys leg then takes it away*

Guy: don't play
Girl: what are you talking about *winks*
by Boootttyyyyyyyyy June 5, 2017
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A disagreement or protest to a suggested idea or action.
Carlton said, "Let's watch American Idol!", and Will was like, "Homey don't play that."
by colin April 5, 2005
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A phrase used by the 2x4 interns to fill an awkward silence. It is also used as a means to respond to a story when nothing else can be said.
Matt: "What if we just had Jesus telling you to go to Firestone, that would killer right?"

Van: "Bitches don't play."

Matt: "They really don't!"
by Furmie August 11, 2008
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This phrase is used when you catch a person in an outright lie. Catch a person lying to you.
Me, "Don't play yourself, I know you took the last donut!"

Other guy caught taking the donut.... Lolololol
by Old Mom January 7, 2017
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A user/player who denies playing the block game of "Minecraft" because they're too embarrassed and cannot quit the game. These users/players usually make fun of other users who play Minecraft, as they're playing.
'I don't play Minecraft' user: "HAH, BRO, YOU STILL PLAY MINECRAFT. HAHAHA." (As they proceed to spam their keyboard to mine a diamond block.

A Minecraft player: "Uhh, yeah?"

Another example:

A Minecraft player plays Minecraft.

Out of nowhere, the 'I don't play Minecraft' user says "I DON'T PLAY MINECRAFT IDIOT WOW, A GAME FOR LOSERS." (Once again, as they proceed to play Minecraft).

A Minecraft player: "We didn't even say anything about you playing Minecraft??!"
by minemansimulator August 26, 2018
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this phrase is usually used to express an emotional reaction to an idiot(men) trying to make a woman react in an unpleasant manner, and when a man usually hears that he should know to go and make whoever said it spaghetti bolognaise YES👍
Don't play games with me boy
by Rare Content March 10, 2022
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