A little is someone that likes to act younger then they really are. It's kind of like having an alter ego that's much younger then yourself. Most littles don't act little 24/7, but when they do slip into their younger alter ego it's called slipping into headspace.

When a little is in headspace that is when they are at their most submissive and most vulnerable, and sometimes even talk higher pitch or with more of a lisp then normal. They're more prone to emotional outbursts like throwing a tantrum or getting overly excited about something. They are also the most needy in this state, as they are not thinking like a grown up but like a child, and need a bit more guidence and reasurence. Some littles are shyer in headspace while others may become more outgoing. Every little is different and has their own headspace unique to them.

The age range for littles is very broad and can range from newborn baby to toddler young child. 0-8 is usually the agreed range. It could be a fixed age like 3, but it could also be a range like 2-6.

Littles tend to enjoy more childlike, babyish items such as pacifiers, sippy cups/bottles, stuffed animals, picture books, toy, games, younger looking clothing, pull-ups/ diapers, ect. Clothing and little items are different for each individual little.

Terms for relationships:
DDLG = Daddy Dom/Little Girl
MDLB = for Mommy Dom/Little Boy
DDLB = Daddy Dom/Little Boy
MDLG = Mommy Dom/Little Girl
CGL = for CareGiver/Little
Little: Could I have another cookie please?
Caregiver: Yes sweetie, but only because you asked so politely.
Little: Thank you! I'm gonna finish coloring my dino picture for you now!
Caregiver: You're welcome honey. I can't wait to see your dino when it's finished, I'm sure it looks amazing already, baby doll.
by Little Death Wish April 26, 2018
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A little is a person who can slip into whats called headspace which is a childlike mindset and sometimes seen as an alter ego in order to cope with trauma or childhood trauma

A little can enjoy stuff like coloring, eating sweets, listening to more child like music, cuddling, using pacifiers, or using sippy cups. but they do not necessarily enjoy all of those and others prefer maybe some not listed

usually a little has a caregiver (CG) who can have a nickname like mommy/daddy/caregiver. This person is the one who tends to look after the little when they are in headspace as they are not thinking like an adult and tend to need more guidance
isn’t being a little like ageplay?”
“its more of a coping mechanism
by September 15, 2020
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A little is often the submissive partner of CGL relationship, though littles can be single too. Littles are often called names like baby girl or baby boy and princess or prince. They are more childish than their real age. For example, a 20 year old acting like a toddler. They often love coloring, stuffed animals, and watching cartoons. Depending on the age of the little, they may also require sippy cups and or pacifiers. More regressed littles will have a lisp. They often require rules such as bed time and punishments for doing something wrong. Many times, littles will be associated with other's called 'caregivers.' These caregivers can be female or male and are often refered to as 'mommy' or 'daddy.'
Mommy!! Mommy!!

Yes, baby boy~?

Baby wan' cuddle wif mommy!!

Ah, you're so cute for mommy, little one~
by MyBabyBoyYoongi March 2, 2018
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1) A consenting adult in a d/lg relationship who often acts younger than they are. They use the term when involving “age-play”, but can sometimes be used during day to day life (such as setting bed times and punishments).

2) A term used by age regressors in a completely non kink way. Uses the term to identify the persona they have because of past trauma. These littles refuse to bring it into their sex life and often just want to color and watch cartoons in their little space.
1) Dom: Daddy told you it was past your bad time, you naughty little.

Little: I guess you’ll have to punish me, Daddy!

2) Little: I wanted to go into my little space so bad today because a man yelled at me during work!

Little 2: I’m sorry..wanna borrow my stuffie?
by Poutylittledollie June 27, 2018
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in a sorority, the younger member who gets spoiled and loved and appreciated. She is caring and sweet and perfect... after all, she takes after her big!
who is that?

Oh, just my little...
by Best Big Ever December 12, 2012
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A little who is most likely short, little's also like to be dominated. They act younger than they really are.
Am I a little?
by Doggo June 11, 2016
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