268 definitions by Amanda

a horribly loud and smelly fart made by a midget
Oh! damnit it wee man why the fuck did you galfolamule?
by Amanda June 21, 2003
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I'm ready to go... Let's leave
when a party begins to suck... Let's Bagel
by Amanda November 4, 2004
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bert is the sexiest mann ever i freaken adore him and wanna fuck him sooo fucking bad!!!! the used kicks ass!
i wanna fuck bert mccracken from the used!
by Amanda March 7, 2005
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insanely bright eyes...also "serial killer eyes" if you have a relationship with a person who has this physical attribute it is often startling when you gaze over at them in the morning.....
My ex boyfriend, Steven had homo-blue eyes and I would jump fifty feet when he'd stare at me.
by Amanda July 2, 2004
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(v) to go after someone, try/want to hook up with someone
(n) a person performing the act of perving
Whoah, Wad-Phoebes is trying to perv him.
Wad-Phoebes is such a perv.
by Amanda February 23, 2003
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short for JEWISH PRINCESS. gets everything she wants. has alot of money. daddy buys her wot she wants.
OMG how much do u like love my new gucci watch? daddy got it for me wen we were in harrods shopping.
by Amanda February 22, 2005
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for all those gurls and guys out there who are hot straight but taken...
bmt yet again gets credit
"oh too bad shes/hes totally hst"
by Amanda January 9, 2005
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