Him:I don’t feel like coming over... Her: Stop Actin..
by Dreaded87 October 26, 2017
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Philly slang. Young buhls who be gettin mad for no reason. Rowdy ass buhls wit some adhd type shii.
Chill on kswap tj, you actin a custard, yung buhl got da ak with jeans on and da hoodie for real
by JamesMilano September 18, 2020
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When you’re feelin a lil frisky and are just tryna go wild on something voluptuous.
Bro that gyattt got me actin up.
by CrispyJigga April 27, 2023
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When someone is acting a way that is not normal. Correlating to that individual's personality. (This term originated from Kayb actin different)
"Yo hamz, you seen Kayb today?" "Yeah dawg, she actin different"
by Ilovemyfamily2253 June 5, 2019
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Carrying on as if one were privileged. Being especially sensitive to room temperature and/or asking for fruit when ordering fast food. Requesting that car windows be rolled down when blunts are being smoked.
Alex, eat your pasta. Everyone else ate pasta! We aren't going to go buy any damn eggs!! You're so special actin'.
by Hotlikeafirethugsdesire July 22, 2009
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